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Accounts and Information on the 1908 Race:

 Clinton County Iowa Historical Society
 Buffalo County Historical Society
 Antonio Scarfoglio & The Around-the-World Race of 1908
 Buffalo & Erie County - Race Map and Thomas Flyer

Automotive Museums:

 National Auto Museum Reno - The Thomas Flyer
 The Seal Cove Auto Museum

Other “Great Auto Race” Sites:

 Museum of American Heritage
 City Of Concord
 Ny-Paris Race Hits Indiana
 2004 Great Race
 The Great Auto Race
 1910 APBA Gold Cup
 Touring From North To South

Interesting Trivia Sites:

 Early Minnesota Auto Racing
 American Auto Racing
 Ocean to Ocean by Model T (Acrobat)
 Early Minnesota Auto Racing
 A Lego® Recreation of the Thomas Flyer!!
 American Auto Racing: The Milestones and Personalities of a Century of Speed
 Mt. Horeb's Early Automobile History
 Stanley Steamers
 White Steamers
 William Howard Taft and the First Motoring Presidency,1909-1913
 1:24 Scale Thomas Flyer
 Vintage Buick Enters New 'Great Race'

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