The “Learning Journey” Race Project Status:

 The “Learning Journey” racer is in the process of reconstruction.
Randy and Chic have started from the ground-up (literally) rebuilding
the 1908-appearing White Touring Car and its four-cylinder gasoline engine. Soon we'll have more specific information and photographs of the process, but until then, here are some initial photos of the “Learning Journey” racer
as it exists today. Stay tuned for more!

The “Learning Journey” Flyer, April 2008

Side view.

Closer view.

The “Learning Journey” Flyer, December 2006

Side view, in the driveway.

Side view.

Another side view.

Under the hood.

Another engine view.

Run for your lives!!!.

The “Learning Journey” Flyer, August 2004

The partial chassis (shown holding boxes, a barrel and four seats to check for space requirements)
poses in the driveway just after painting.

In the shop with one eye.

Take A 2005 Tour!

Take a quick tour inside the Learning Journey Garage.

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